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Althea Taylor-Jones - Speaker NCSTHLWelcome to the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Website. As the newly elected Speaker of the STHL, I'd like to share my personal philosophy on Aging. Aging with dignity and style involves facing challenges; using lemons to make lemonade and turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. It also involves facing situations and fixing them, adjusting sails to navigate through strong winds, and finding peace and contentment in the midst of change and challenges. These vivid descriptions are the epitome of being "in the act" of aging with dignity and style.

We must reach beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Success in life is not reliant on our income, but how we overcome. Taking life one day at a time provides the opportunity for enjoyment of each moment, of every day. Positive energy must be exerted to avoid dwelling on the past, clouding today and blocking our vision of tomorrow.

Aging can be as beautiful as the fall season with the changing of the leaves. Fall has its purpose and so does aging. The wisdom we accumulate as we mature is vital in guiding and directing younger generations. The resolve that we garner from life's experiences, while "in the act" of aging with dignity and style, should be packaged and imparted to others!

The dedicated delegates and alternates of the STHL work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of our senior citizens by establishing priorities that we advocate before the North Carolina General Assembly. We also hold an annual food drive with the donations being given to local food banks for further distribution to those in need.

The North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature was created to provide information to senior citizens on the legislative process and matters being considered by the North Carolina General Assembly. Each of the 100 North Carolina counties is entitled to one delegate to the Senior Tar Heel Legislature. Most counties also have an alternate delegate. Delegates and alternates must be 60 or older. We receive staff support from the North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services in cooperation with the 16 Area Agencies on Aging, which are responsible for conducting the selection of delegates and alternates.

Our meetings are held three times a year at locations recommended by the Executive Board of Directors. During these meetings delegates are brought up to date on matters of importance to the senior community and our legislative priorities are developed.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you'll pass the word to family and friends. You can visit us on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook tab.

~ Dr. Althea Taylor-Jones - Speaker, NC Senior Tar Heel Legislature -

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